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How to buy the best penny shares 

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Buy Penny Shares

Buy Penny Stocks with Paypal

Buy Penny Stocks with Paypal.

If you want to buy penny stocks with paypal then there are two or three steps you must take for this to happen.

You will need a Paypal Account to Buy Penny Stocks


1.       Open an account with Paypal, either or or whatever is appropriate to your domicile.

2.       Verify Your Account

3.       Add your bank checking account details, and follow the instructions which to verify the account

4.       Paypal will make a couple of small deposits after a few days.

5.       When you see the deposits,  login to paypal and finish your verification.


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Get an Online Trading Account to be able to buy penny stocks with paypal

You will need an online trading site, and there are a number to choose from to start to buy penny stocks with paypal. E*Trade, Scottrade, and Sharebuilder . There are more, and many are perfectly good, but you would do well to check them out first. Then this is the procedure:

       Register and open an account similar to a bank current or checking account so you can deposit money for the purchase of penny stock.

       After you are informed the account is open you need to write down the name on the account, the account number, the bank sort code or routing number, and the name and address of the online trading site.


Go Back to Paypal.

1.       Reopen Paypal

2.       Choose option to add bank account

3.       Add information for your Online Trading Account

4.       Take option to verify the account

5.       Await the two deposits which may take a few days

6.       Once you have seen the deposits, log back into Paypal and complete verification

You are now ready to put money into your Trading Account to buy Stocks . Do this from your paypal account, or by adding funds to your paypal account, and ask them to transfer funds, which is very simple. In two or three days you are ready to buy penny shares.


What do you know about the Penny Stock Market.


You might say that there are lots of free newssheets advertised online, to be consulted.  DON’T TOUCH THEM UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE MONEY

The penny stocks/penny shares market is full of scam operators pulling some tricks you won’t understand, you will just part with your money.

You need sound investment advice, and you need pen and paper time, where you check how sound the advice is. 


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